Julia Holter Announces New Album Loud City Song

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Julia Holter Announces New Album <i>Loud City Song</i>

Julia Holter is a songwriter who has played upon the delicacies and intricacies of music throughout the duration of her young career. Her soft, distant vocals fit snugly within the confines of her theatrical instrumentation. Filled with rich strings and gorgeous melodies, Holter has struck a chord with countless listeners throughout the past few years. Today Julia Holter announced the release of her third album, Loud City Song on Domino Records and shared a video for the album’s first single, “World.”

The video for “World” fittingly enough explores cityscapes through the lens of Kodaks and Super-8s while Holter’s slow-brooding warmth washes over the listener.

Loud City Song will be Holter’s first true studio effort and it’s set for release on Aug. 20. A proper studio set-up promises for grander orchestrations of Holter’s already expansive blend of soft pop sentiments with raw emotional lyricism and instrumentation.

Loud City Song Tracklist
1. World
2. Maxim’s
3. Horns Surrounding Me
4. In The Green Wild
5. Hello Stranger
6. Maxim’s II
7. He’s Running Through My Eyes
8. This Is A True Heart
9. City Appearing