M.I.A. Debuts "Bring The Noize" Single

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After teasing the first single from a forthcoming album on her website, M.I.A. finally debuted “Bring the Noize” on the BBC Radio1 Program today. Promising her fans that the album was definitely on its way, Rolling Stone reported that the singer had expressed frustration that after finishing her album, she was asked to tweak her songs several times.

The track is expected to appear on Matangi, which was originally set for a December 2012 release date, but was delayed because the label execs at N.E.E.T/Interscope wanted her to “darken it up a bit.”

Here, “Bring the Noize” is chopped and screwed with samples of looping vocals (“Free dem,” she roars), thumping tribal beats, creaking and whirring noises that come together to create a shifting, layered wave of sound that keeps pulling you back under.

Hear the new track below:

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