Andrew W.K. Talks Breaking Drumming World Record

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Andrew W.K. Talks Breaking Drumming World Record

Yesterday at the O Music Awards, Andrew W.K. successfully completed a seemingly impossible feat. After drumming for 24 hours straight in the Oakley Store in Times Square, the Party King broke a world record for the longest drum session in a retail store.

As part of a press conference, Paste had a chance to speak with Mr. W.K. after he completed the drumathon. He obviously had a lot to say about the experience and, of course, post-record celebrations.

“It was way harder than I thought it would be,” W.K. said about the record-breaking attempt. He added later that his one piece of advice to himself would have been to “practice drumming more.”

In true Party God-fashion, W.K. had accepted the challenge without giving it much thought. “Sometimes not preparing works in your favor,” he said. “Actually, if I had known how hard it would be, I probably would have freaked out a lot more.”

His Party-ness said he would celebrate his victory by “eating as much food as I can possibly eat,” and said he would treat himself to “very, very spicy food,” specifically habanero peppers. Clearly the hard-rocking W.K. needs little time to rest, because he also noted he was on his way to Michigan for another gig.

W.K. was supported by several drummers during the course of the day, including Questlove, Zac Hanson and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith. He also had access to plenty of protein bars and tacos to keep him going.

However, the wave of party power W.K. absorbed was also crowd-sourced. In an interview with MTV News, he said, “I actually never got tired because there was so much adrenaline and so many people that were especially giving so much energy. It really felt like a team effort.”

With so many fans tuning into to stream his successful finish, it’s safe to say that W.K. was the life of the O Awards party.