Daft Punk Releases "Get Lucky" Remix

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Daft Punk Releases "Get Lucky" Remix

Almost as soon as Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was released, the detractors were already stating their qualms, wishing that the band had stayed truer to their roots. While the robo-dance duo may have brought life back to music, some folks just want the pulsing bass drums and electronic wizardry that made the group famous in the first place. So they obliged. Last month the group announced that they’d be releasing remixes of various tracks from Random Access Memories and we just got the first taste of those re-envisioned tracks.

Late last night Daft Punk released a 10-minute remix for “Get Lucky”, the disco-infused dance groove that pretty much took over the internet earlier this year. YouTubers and DJs alike have been crafting lengthy remixes of this infectious jam since its release, but Daft Punk’s remix keeps true to the song whilst still exploring some of their electronic tendencies.

The duo’s vocoded voice takes a more prominent role in this sprawling remix, interspersed with bits of Pharell’s smooth falsetto and Nile Rodger’s sleek guitar lines. Listen to it now via Spotify.