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An app to make sharing your photos easier than ever

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Download This: Qwilt

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If you’re like me, you probably have an iPhone full of photos that you don’t have the time or patience to upload. This is where Qwilt, a new image-sharing app, comes in. Its job is to upload your entire photographic life as a digital tapestry.

The app is simple from the start. All that’s needed in the account signup process is a username, password and email address, and there’s no pesky verification process. Once you’re in, hit the start Qwilting button, and the app will automatically start pulling every image off your camera roll.

After a couple of minutes (or up to an hour depending on how many photos you have), it will develop a feed of albums for you, which are arranged by date with recent sets toward the top. From a glance, you can see the dates for when you took your photos, where and how many photos you took in a set time. Meanwhile, any more images taken after your initial Qwilting are automatically added whenever you start the app.

Don’t like the way Qwilt has automatically assembled your photos? Navigate to the button on the upper right to access some album management tools that let you merge, delete or hide any albums you consider too embarrassing.

The same button also lets you share your albums and photos to any friends you’ve met through Qwilt. If they’re not already on Qwilt, you can send your images to friends via email.

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When you get down to the individual images you can “like” them and add comments. The only thing you can do is zoom in on the photos to check out tiny details. The only other shortcoming of this app is it only pulls location data down to the city level (i.e. Brooklyn). So you’ll have to manually enter your location if you want it to say anything specific.

While it’s not the perfect solution to sharing your photos, Qwilt definitely delivers on the promise of simplifying image sharing by seamless and automatically uploading your entire digital camera roll.

Platform: iOS
Developer: Qwilt Software
Price: $0.99
Download Here