Eleanor Friedberger to Act in She's a Mirror Short Film

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Eleanor Friedberger to Act in <i>She's a Mirror</i> Short Film

Having just released her second solo album, Personal Record, last week, Eleanor Friedberger—one half of the duo Fiery Furnaces—will become the latest musician to crossover into acting, as well. Named after one of her latest singles, a short film titled She’s a Mirror will see Friedberger playing a few small roles in the film, with the trailer framing the singer as an actress in a spy flick and as herself in a performance for the Jewish Museum.

Filmmaker and musician Joe DeNardo directed She’s a Mirror, and Paul Felten wrote the script. In an interview with The Fader on the short, Friedberger—who studied film in college—admitted she was a little nervous about acting, but that she “didn’t have too many lines, luckily.” Since the film will be screened sometime during her upcoming show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Friedberger commented:

“We might show it right before I go on stage, cause our changeover isn’t that long. We’re all kind of on the fence about if that’s too obnoxious to do beforehand, like the ‘Eleanor Night Hour.’ It might be too much of me, but, you know, fuck it. I think it’ll be hilarious and fun.”

For those not lucky enough to attend the Williamsburg screening, She’s a Mirror can also be streamed on, beginning June 29. See the trailer below.