Grouplove Releases "Ways to Go" Video

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Grouplove Releases "Ways to Go" Video

It seems The Onion isn’t the only one that’s having fun re-imagining the lifestyle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. In the new feel-good video for “Ways to Go,” the lead single from their upcoming album Spreading Rumors, Grouplove spins their own rendition of Kim Jong-Un as a boy—here, he’s a kindhearted young-Un who’s spreading goodwill and ending violence in his home country.

Returning to the same high-energy tunes of their previous album Never Trust a Happy Song, the video sees the group performing another infectious, jubilant groove that has everyone on their feet. It’s a good sign of the pop gems that are to come from Spreading Rumors, which will be released via Canvasback/Atlantic on Sept. 17.

Spreading Rumors Tracklist:
1. I’m With You
2. Borderlines And Aliens
3. Schoolboy
4. Ways To Go
5. Shark Attack
6. Sit Still
7. Hippy Hill
8. What I Know
9. Didn’t Have To Go
10. Bitin’ The Bullet
11. News To Me
12. Raspberry
13. Save The Party For Me