Hot Chip Releases New Single, "Dark & Stormy"

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Hot Chip Releases New Single, "Dark & Stormy"

Hot Chip has cool new projects underhand, and they aren’t afraid to yelp about it. Amid releases from side projects like About Group and Joe Goddard’s new solo EP, the group has just shared the track “Dark & Stormy” off of an upcoming single 10”. Their first recording as Hot Chip since last year’s In Our Heads, the tune is an uplifting electro-pop track that’s meant to chase away your blues.

“Ah-wooo,” the British band howls over a synth-driven track, championing love and music as a way to overcome sadness.

“Dark & Stormy” will be available digitally on July 22, and on 10? vinyl, with “Look At Where We Are” as its B-Side. If you’re not up to speed on other Hot Chip offshoots, listen to About Group cover Dionne Warwick’s “Walk on By.”