James Franco Created Much of the Art Featured in This is the End

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With titles of actor, musician and director already attached to his name, James Franco is now reminding us that ‘artist’ can also be added to his ever-increasing resume.

In addition to painting a giant mural on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles to promote his all-star comedy This is the End, the Spring Breakers star also created all of the artwork you see in his new apocalyptic film. Most of the work in the movie features images and names of his co-stars, as well as references to projects they’ve collaborated on together, including Pineapple Express and Freaks and Geeks.

This isn’t Franco’s first time dabbling in art, though. In 2006, Franco had an exhibit at the Glu Gallery in L.A. And just this month, his “”Psycho Nacirema exhibit, in which he reimagines Hitchcock’s iconic film Psycho through a series of photos (and yes, he also plays Janet Leigh), was on display at London’s Pace Gallery.

Check out a few of Franco’s The is the End creations below and the rest here.




(via Business Insider)

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