Jamie Hewlett Confirms New Blur Album, Possibility of New Gorillaz Music

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Jamie Hewlett Confirms New Blur Album, Possibility of New Gorillaz Music

The real men behind the animated Gorillaz are constantly at work. While that work may not always be on new Gorillaz material, co-founder Jamie Hewlett did quell the rumors that the group was done for.

While Damon Albarn stated in a 2012 interview that it would be “unlikely” to hear new Gorillaz music, Hewlett seems a bit more optimistic. However, Consequence of Sound points out that in a recent appearance in New York, promoting his upcoming musical Monkey: Journey to the West, Jamie Hewlett stated that the Gorillaz would return “when the time is right.” Hewlett went on to say that Gorillaz albums “take a long time to do and- and they’re very exhausting and when you’re finished you feel like you need to go do other stuff.”

While his vague answer on a Gorillaz return doesn’t really give much leeway in terms of new music from the group, Hewlett did confirm that Damon Albarn was busy at work on a new Blur album.

“Damon’s touring with Blur- hes doing a world tour with Blur at the moment and then they’re working on a new album so there isn’t really time for him, and I’m doing other stuff as well.” Albarn has also recently announced that he’ll be releasing his first solo album this year.

While Damon monkeys around with his various projects, Hewlett’s Monkey: Journey to the West will be making its debut on July 6 at David H Koch Theater in New York.