Jenny Lewis, Johnathan Rice to Score Anne Hathaway Film Song One

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Jenny Lewis, Johnathan Rice to Score Anne Hathaway Film <i>Song One</i>

Anne Hathaway  will lend her pipes to a new musical/romantic drama this month titled Song One, a musical production which has fittingly signed on lovebirds Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice to provide music for the film.

The production will be the first collaborative effort from the duo since they released—under the moniker Jenny & Johnny—-their debut album I’m Having Fun Now. The pair is expected to contribute original songs to the soundtrack, as well as score the film.

Produced by Hathaway, the film has a somewhat unusual plot. The actress plays an archaeologist who returns from a dig only to discover that her brother has suffered an injury and has slipped into a coma. The plot twist here occurs when Hathaway falls for her brother’s favorite rock star, played by real-life musician Johnny Flynn.

The movie will be written and directed by Kate Barker Froyland and will begin filming in New York City later this month.