Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx to Star in Mean Business On North Ganson Street

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx to Star in <i>Mean Business On North Ganson Street</i>

Deadline reports that Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx may be teaming up once more after 2012’s Django Unchained, this time as two renegade police officers in Missouri.

Mean Business on North Ganson Street is a yet-to-be published novel by Craig Zahler that follows the story of a detective, played by DiCaprio, who gets into hot water after an incident and finds himself sent to Victory, Missouri. Teamed up with a fellow short-tempered officer played by Foxx, the two set out to find out who’s been murdering police officers in their town.

Both men still have a lot on their plates. DiCaprio is rumored to be taking a brief break from acting soon, although he recently signed on to play Rasputin in an upcoming film. Foxx has also been hard at work, the actor is busy developing a SyFy horror project, just finished filming The Amazing Spiderman 2 and is scheduled to start work on Annie this fall.