Myspace Unveils Rebrand, Offers Expanded Options for Musicians

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Myspace Unveils Rebrand, Offers Expanded Options for Musicians

The newest version of Myspace launched today (formerly MySpace), and this time, it not only has a name change, but a new face too. The site has undergone serious rebranding, hoping to move past the several years where it has been largely forgettable, eclipsed by social media brands like Facebook and Bandcamp. With investor Justin Timberlake as its creative director, Myspace is sticking to its guns and promoting its distinguishing edge—its music community.

Myspace has always been closely tied to the music scene, allowing fledgling musicians to connect with other artists and providing them ample room to promote their demos. It has also helped to launch the careers of artists like Katy Perry and Adele. Hoping to keep it that way, Myspace is now offering expanded streaming options, with a library that’s said to rival that of Spotify’s, a new mobile app and a user-curated radio station called Myradio.

“Myradio gives everybody in the world their own radio station,” said Myspace CEO Tim Vanderhook to Entertainment Weekly. “You can tune into Justin Timberlake to hear what he listens to, music that inspired him in the studio, artists he collaborated with, and any other musical influences. The artists are programming for you.”

To promote the new site, Myspace enlisted photographer and filmmaker Ryan McGinley to make a commercial with Timberlake’s help, one that features hip indie musicians like Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, DIIV and stars like Mac Miller, Ciara and Pharrell.