Prometheus 2 Might Have Found its Writer

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Fox Executives dispelled some of the confusion surrounding Prometheus’ ambiguous ending when they confirmed late last year a follow-up. Planning is now moving along and director Ridley Scott is searching for a writer, with talks of enlisting Transcendence writer Jack Paglen to pen the sequel.

Paglen booked the opportunity of a lifetime when his script for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Transcendence was picked up, with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman added to the cast and Christopher Nolan as producer. If hired, the Prometheus role would be an even bigger boost for Paglen’s career, with a lot riding on his shoulders.

Rumors suggest that the creative minds behind the franchise are scrambling to figure out how to give the storyline a coherent continuation, given that Prometheus was originally intended to be a one-shot film running parallel to the Alien franchise, with little room for expansion. The most important thing now will be for Paglen to tie up all the loose ends of the first movie—of which there were many—and do it well.

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