Seth Rogen, James Franco to Re-Team for The Interview

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Seth Rogen, James Franco to Re-Team for <i>The Interview</i>

The comedic duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco is teaming up yet again for the film, The Interview.

E!Online is reporting that the This Is The End co-stars are reuniting for the movie in which they portray journalists sent to North Korea for a very specific reason.

“It’s about two journalists that try to assassinate the president of North Korea while interviewing him,” Rogen said. “It’s Kim Jong-un. Literally King Jong-un in the movie. We figured it’s North Korea, you might as well make it Kim Jong-un.”

Rogen’s pal Evan Goldberg added that the reporters are sent to the controversial country by the CIA. However, the guys won’t actually be traveling to Asia. They’re just embarking “to the foreign land of Vancouver, Canada,” he revealed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Goldberg wrote the screenplay with Rogen, and both are expected to co-direct the flick for Columbia Pictures. The Hollywood Reporter states that Franco has not yet officially signed on. The frequent collaborators also recently helmed the comedy This Is The End.