The Dismemberment Plan Announces New Album Uncanney Valley

Music News The Dismemberment Plan
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The Dismemberment Plan Announces New Album <i>Uncanney Valley</i>

The Dismemberment Plan is really and truly back. The band has announced details of a new studio LP titled Uncanney Valley. This will be their first LP since 2001’s Change.

The Dismemberment Plan formed in 1993 and broke up in 2003. After a few benefit reunion shows in 2007, a reunion tour and reissue of their album Emergency and I in 2011, it looks like they are at long last ready to release new material.

Uncanney Valley will be released on Oct. 15 on Partisan Records and will be available in digital, CD and vinyl 12” formats.

“We are very happy with how it turned out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it… we’re also super excited to play these songs at shows this fall,” the band said on their website.

Check out Uncanney Valley’s tracklist below:
1. No One’s Saying Nothing
2. Waiting
3. Invisible
4. White Collar White Trash
5. Living In Song
6. Lookin’
7. Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer
8. Mexico City Christmas
9. Go And Get It
10. Let’s Just Go To The Dogs Tonight