The Dodos Unveil New Track "Substance"

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The Dodos Unveil New Track "Substance"

While The Dodos are prepping for a massive U.S. tour to support the release of their forthcoming fifth studio album Carrier. Carrier marks a return to the simplistic roots that drove the band’s early career. The band has already shared their lead single from the album “Confidence” and just recently debuted a brand new track “Substance” via Rolling Stone.

“Substance” begins with a brisk drum beat and quickly builds into a rousing track that delves into familiar territory for the group. By the time the triumphant horns come in, The Dodos have built a heightened tension that erupts with Meric Long’s devastating refrain: “And you will forget and I will remember.” The song gradually breaks itself back down into a blend of fingerpicked guitars, showcasing The Dodos refined sense of dynamic control over even the most powerful tracks.