?uestlove, Rufus Wainwright and Others Appear in New Series, The Being Experience

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In the new trailer for the first film in the experimental series The Being Experience, Roots drummer ?uestlove looks slightly out of his element in the wilderness, and Rufus Wainwright looks even less excited to be there. A project from writer/director Jennifer Elster, The Being Experience is an eerie psychological ride that premieres this month.

While there’s a lot of mystery shrouding this series, the teaser trailers seem to imply the featured artists are just as bewildered as we are. Sold with the tagline, “unruly excursions into the recesses of the mind,” the film appears to take forbidding cues from the Blair Witch Project. Except this time, Elster has released the artists deep into a thick forest without directions, watching them slowly unravel and demystify their lives. ”...In the Woods” is just one installment in the series, which includes ”...Into the Cave,” “In My Mirror,” “The Mill,” “Concrete Underground” and “But We Are Home.”

And though it’s hard to tell what we’re anticipating, there are enough big names fueling this project to guarantee it at least a watch. The closing credits on the trailer expose a listing of stars attached to the project, including Yoko Ono—who helps to voice the film—along with Terrence Howard, Alan Cumming, Famke Janssen and Dave Matthews, among others.

Do some of your own digging on the film’s website and then watch “The Being Experience” when it airs there on June 25.

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