Father John Misty Releases "Funtimes In Babylon" Video

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Father John Misty Releases "Funtimes In Babylon" Video

Josh Tillman has released a new video for “Funtimes In Babylon” off his most recent album, Fear Fun. Luckily for us, he’s also provided an explanation of his own for the video. Take it away, Josh.

Music videos don’t need blurbs. It’s like putting a brief summary before a Garfield comic strip. Also when did everyone start calling them ‘clips’? A ‘clip’ is an excerpt of a whole, I thought. Whoever posts this, don’t spoil the ending in your blurb, which will probably read like this: “Seattle-based folk beardo Father John Murphy mopes around a deserted, apocalyptic landscape (and shows off some of those infamous dance moves) in this Josh Tillman directed clip for ‘Funtimes In Babylon’.”

Tillman also released a promo for a new perfume line, which is called “Innocence by Misty.” According to a press release, it’s a perfume created by Sanae Barber of SANAE Intoxicants perfume lab (who worked with “Bonnie “Prince Billy before) and will feature “all natural, rare essential oils, fixed in a base of organic cane alcohol.” You can watch the promo video for the fragrance below.

“Innocence” by Misty from SANAE Intoxicants on Vimeo.