Watch Smith Westerns Begrudgingly Party in "Idol" Video

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Watch Smith Westerns Begrudgingly Party in "Idol" Video

Smith Westerns are surely off celebrating the recent release of their third full-length album Soft Will, but hopefully their party is a bit livelier than that found in their new video for “Idol.”

“Idol” chronicles the humanization of your idols through a melancholy tune that’s washed over with hazy recollections of days long gone. The video for “Idol” goes hand-in-hand with this theme, directed by Sandy Kim, it’s aesthetics mirror that of an old VHS tape that’s been worn down.

Bright lights, dance parties and all of the 40’s in the world couldn’t make these Chicago rockers perk up in this pity party video that provides a fantastic visual representation of this dreamy yet gloomy ode to idolization.