Edgar Wright's The World's End Featurette Explains "Three Flavors Cornetto" Trilogy

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Edgar Wright's <i>The World's End</i> Featurette Explains "Three Flavors Cornetto" Trilogy

Upon the announcement of the upcoming Edgar Wright film The World’s End, many viewers came upon the sudden realization that Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz actually had some threads of continuity.

While the stories are unlinked, the films feature many of the same actors, the same gags and very similar tones. Thankfully IGN’s recently released featurette for The World’s End chronicles the history of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy and explains a bit of how it came to fruition.

“The idea of it being a trilogy sort of came about as a joke,” Edgar Wright said. In both Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, the main characters find themselves craving a Cornetto, and after Wright was asked about whether this would pan-out into a third film, the crew stuck with it.

“We kind of felt obliged to have some sort of Cornetto reference in The World’s EndSimon Pegg said in the brief featurette, highlighting some of the recurring actors, jokes and ice-cream escapades from these three films. While some of the bits are obvious, like the short-cut gone awry, The World’s End plays on some of the more subtle continuations between the films.

The World’s End, the last installment of the comedic duo’s trilogy, is released on Aug. 23.