Watch the New Trailer For Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

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After the release of a teaser trailer earlier this year, a new full-length trailer for British actor Steve Coogan’s upcoming film Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was released today.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will star Coogan as awkward radio host Alan Partridge, a character Coogan invented, alongside Veep’s Armando Iannucci, in 1991. Partridge is an iconic figure in Britain, where the movie has been greatly anticipated. In the film, Partridge must act as negotiator between the police and an employee that is holding his radio station hostage.

Besides Coogan, Alan Partridge will also feature the talents of Darren Boyd (The World’s End), Nigel Lindsay (Four Lions), Jessica Knappett (The Inbetweeners Movie) and Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House), as well as returning actors Felicity Montagu and Tim Key.

The comedy is directed by Declan Lowney and written by Coogan, Iannucci, Neil and Rob Gibbons and Oscar-nominated Peter Baynham (Borat). There is no U.S. release date yet, but Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will hit U.K. theaters on Aug. 9.

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