Watch the Trailer for the Revealing Salinger Documentary

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Watch the Trailer for the Revealing <i>Salinger</i> Documentary

In a move that probably has the notoriously reclusive author spinning in his grave, a trailer for the upcoming documentary Salinger was recently released. Salinger reveals many dark details of J.D. Salinger’s mysterious life after his 1965 retreat from the public eye.

The upcoming documentary will unveil never-before-seen photographs and interviews with dear friends of the beloved author. Salinger also features interviews from various celebrities like Danny DeVito, Edward Norton and Martin Sheen who have found themselves influenced by the visionary writer.

J.D. Salinger, best-known for his classic novel Catcher in the Rye, famously backed away from the public life after the overwhelming success of the aforementioned novel. The upcoming documentary, directed by Shane Salerno, chronicles Salinger’s little-known personal life ranging from his time spent in WWII, his childhood and his marital affairs.

Before Salinger’s death in 2010 he famously filed lawsuits against various biographers who attempted to reveal his intimate details. Though Salinger’s personal life has gradually become more public with the release of memoirs from those close to the author, never before has there been such an all-encompassing unveiling of the man’s darkest secrets.

Salinger will be released on Sept. 6.

(Via Deadline)