Watch the Video for Poliça's New Single "Tiff"

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Watch the Video for Poliça's New Single "Tiff"

Last year was explosive for breakout act Poliça. Critics and fans alike backed their debut full length Give Up The Ghost and now Poliça has announced that they’re already working towards the release of their follow-up sophomore album. Recently the group shared a shadowy new single titled “Tiff,” featuring Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and now along with the album news we’ve received an equally dark video to coincide with this foreboding song.

Shulamith will be released sometime this fall on Mom + Pop Records, and if “Tiff” is any indication of the forthcoming record’s sound then the band looks to delve deeper into the expansive, atmospheric soundscapes that their first album explored.

The video for “Tiff”, directed by Nabil and Mike Piscitelli is a gruesome affair that gives a horror-movie take on inner struggles. Vocalist Channy Leaneagh stars as the ruthless torturer in a dank basement, but also doubles as the victim of this senseless abuse.

Waterboarding, hammer smashing, asphyxiation, Leaneagh runs the gamut when it comes to torture tactics in this shocking new video. Viewers beware, you may be in for some cringe-worthy moments. You can watch the video here.