Serengeti, Workaholics Star Anders Holm 'Stashe Out In "Laser Tag" Video

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Chicago rapper Serengeti has created an absurdly awesome hip-hop character with the middle-aged mustachioed Kenny Dennis. Serengeti’s alter-ego shines brightly on the recently released album Kenny Dennis LP, which features a handful of skits with Workaholics star Anders Holm. Holm provides some hilarious narratives of his interactions with the Shaq-hating average-Joe of a rapper, and you can experience the two in all of their glory in the new video for “Laser Tag.”

Spin shared the brief video for “Laser Tag”, which shows Holms’ first meeting with Dennis when he was 7 years old at a Sharper Image. Holms rocks a mean mustache and a bathrobe as he woos his neighbor with some fast food. Seriously, you can’t make this up.

Kenny Dennis LP was released on June 25 through Anticon.

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