Aquaman Named 'Most Toxic Superhero' by McAfee

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Aquaman Named 'Most Toxic Superhero' by McAfee

It’s hard out here for an underwater superhero, and evidently it’s pretty hard for his fans too. With Comic-Con right around the corner, McAfee released a list of the “Most Toxic Superheroes” that unveils which heroes provide the most malware and virus-filled search results.

The study uses McAfee’s SiteAdvisor site ratings to determine which searches result in the most dangerous links. McAfee found that 18.6 percent of Aquaman search results will link to a website that has tested positive for adware, spyware, spam and various other types of villainous software.

The list also contains a bulk of the most buzzed-about heroes in today’s culture, with The Hulk (17.3 percent), Ironman (15.6 percent), Superman (15.2 percent), Thor (15.1 percent), Wolverine (14.2 percent) and Spiderman (11.1 percent) all finding themselves in the top 15.

So even if you’re deep beneath the seven seas with Neptune at your side, malware may seep into your vessel to thwart your best laid plans of binge viewing old episodes of Super Friends.