BioShock Infinite Director Ken Levine Teases Big News

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<i>BioShock Infinite</i> Director Ken Levine Teases Big News

Anything BioShock-related is always cause for excitement. So when Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine announced via Twitter that there might be some news coming from the world of Columbia, gamers took notice.

In a superbly ambiguous tweet, the developer simply wrote: “Excited for tomorrow,” and left readers to their own devices. Levine could be referring to anything really, but it’s anticipated that the announcement will be DLC-related. Last month, Irrational Games said that by late July, news surrounding the planned BioShock Infinite DLC would be released. (Well, they’re certainly waiting until the last minute, aren’t they?)

But, by “tomorrow,” Levine apparently meant Tuesday—not today like the Sunday-sent tweet suggested—so expect more information tomorrow morning. Fans are hungry for some DLC revelations so, hopefully, the news isn’t pushed back yet another tomorrow, and details regarding the three story-driven DLCs will be out soon.