Full-Length Deerhunter Concert Film Premieres Online

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Full-Length Deerhunter Concert Film Premieres Online

Deerhunter Sunday Redux from John Albrecht on Vimeo.

In anticipation of Deerhunter’s North American tour for their most recent album Monomania, live concert film footage has surfaced from 2010 during the period leading up to the release of the group’s fifth album, Halcyon Digest. Titled Sunday Redux, the film clocks in around one and a half hours and features the band’s lineup as it appeared at the time (Moses Archuleta, Bradford Cox, Josh Fauver and Lockett Pundt). The set spans Halcyon Digest favorites with an encore that includes B-sides and standout tracks from Microcastle like “Agoraphobia” and “Cover Me (Slowly).” An added plus: we get all the banter from frontman Bradford Cox. The footage was filmed at the Bourbon Theatre in Nebraska by John Albrecht.

Never Stops
Wash Off
Fountain Stairs
Hazel St.
Nothing Ever Happened
Fluorescent Grey
Vox Celeste
Cover Me (Slowly)
Calvary Scars II / Aux Out