Download This: Soundwave

An app that makes it easy to share your complete music history

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Download This: Soundwave

Music is getting more social everyday, but do you find yourself neglecting your huge digital library of music just so you can show all your Facebook friends what you’ve starred on Spotify?

Soundwave is a free music-discovery app on iOS and Android that lets you share all your music playing activity, whether you’re streaming on Spotify and Rdio or just playing digital tunes on your phone. Instead of having to choose, Soundwave complies all of your listening history into one sharable feed.

When you start the app you’ll be prompted to link Soundwave to your Facebook or Google Plus account. After that, the app will automatically start tracking any music you play on your device. The best thing is: you don’t have to do anything. Soundwave will automatically scrobble your music playing activity.

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But this app isn’t about looking at your own profile. It’s a music-discovery app that lets you see what your friends, family and some celebrities such as Stephen Fry and the Woz are listening to. The main screen of the app is an Instagram-like activity feed of what your fellow audiophiles are listening to. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Just turn on some filters to only show songs that that people rated or “humdinged” as their personal favorites.

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Every entry shows up with an album cover image along with a quick 30-second preview of the song. You can also like the songs right there from the front page. If you want to dig a little deeper into any song, just tap on the album cover and you’ll slide over to the song page. Here you can play the entire song through YouTube or SoundCloud, or just hit a link to buy it through iTunes (Google Play and 7digital if you’re using Soundwave on Android).

Another way you can discover more music is hitting up the Music Map. From here you can draw you own search area on a Google Map to see what everyone else is listening to around you. There’s also the option to explore the apps constantly updating list of 20 most played, liked, and disliked songs—obviously Justin Bieber tops off the latter charts.

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When you’re not searching for tunes, you should try making more connections with other people. Unfortunately the problem here is Soundwave only has a couple of short lists of people the app suggests for you to follow and they don’t ever seem to change. So you’ll have to dig into someone else’s profile to find more people to follow. You can also opt to invite some of your own real life Facebook friends to Soundwave.

Soundwave is a incredibly cool music sharing and discover app that unbinds you from having to use Spotify all the time while magically sharing any tunes you play on your phone. It has a couple of starting bumps on the social side but once you get going you’ll never run out of new music to check out.