Final Fantasy VII Released via Steam

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Final Fantasy VII Released via Steam

Whether you’ve replayed Cloud and AVALANCHE’s mission more than a few times or are a newcomer to Square Enix’s beloved Final Fantasy VII, fans of the series can rejoice that the game is now available on the PC via Steam.

Steam is a digital distributor that provides users with installation and automatic management of software across multiple computers, along with several community player features.

The PC version of the RPG classic comes with 36 new achievements to unlock and Cloud Saves, a system that allows users to continue their progress on the game wherever they are (transferable between three computers max). Additionally, the PC installment comes with a character booster for those tough times when even the walkthrough’s not cutting it: increasing HP, MP and Gil with the touch of a button. The game costs €12.99 / £9.99 / $11.99 and can be downloaded now.

In other recent FF news, on Tuesday Square Enix announced enticing new details about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, including news that the titular heroine Lightning would reprise Cloud’s look with pre-order bonuses that include the chance to dress her up in Cloud’s uniform and Buster sword. Added plus: watch her celebrate a well-won battle to FF7’s victory fanfare.

See the announcement trailer below: