Local Natives Remix Their Own Song "You & I"

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Local Natives Remix Their Own Song "You & I"

Usually when we hear the word “remix,” we assume that one artist is re-working another artist’s songs to give it a new sound. But that’s not always the case. There seems to be a trend developing of musicians who want to make multiple versions of their own songs.

Daft Punk  previously announced that they will be remixing their own recent album, Random Access Memories, in it’s entirety (hear their “Get Lucky” remix here), and now Local Natives have come forward to say that they are reworking some of their own material.

According to WeAllWantSomeoneToShoutFor, vocalist Kelcey Ayer has confirmed that he and his bandmates are busy remixing songs from their latest album, Hummingbird. Ayer also revealed the band’s first remixed track, “You & I,” which, fittingly, happens to be the first track on the album.

We can expect more original remixes from the indie four-piece in the near future, but until then, enjoy “You & I (Local Natives Remix)” below.