James Bond's Famous Lotus Esprit Submarine Up for Auction

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James Bond's Famous Lotus Esprit Submarine Up for Auction

Ditch the tux and take your dreams of being Agent 007 one step further by getting yourself the Lotus Esprit Series 1 submarine-car.

Sir Roger Moore helmed the famous vehicle in The Spy Who Loved Me and London’s Battersea Park is looking to hand it off to the next lucky secret agent loaded individual come September, according to the Guardian.

The subterranean machine is the only version built to be fully operational underwater—six other cars were constructed for shooting purely to represent the different transformation stages from car to submarine. However, the Lotus is hard to handle—a Navy SEAL operated it in the movie, donning a scuba mask because the cabin wasn’t pressurized—so recreational underwater explorations sound unlikely.

The Lotus Esprit sat in a Long Island storage unit before being bought in 1989 by a couple who had no clue that the container was hiding a submarine-car Transformer.

Other Bond memorabilia has been sold in recent years, like Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale swim trunks—which may or may not be better than the Lotus for some folks—but we’ll definitely take the Aston Martin DB5, thanks.