Full House's Jesse & the Rippers Reuniting for Jimmy Fallon

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<i>Full House</i>'s Jesse & the Rippers Reuniting for <i>Jimmy Fallon</i>

Who doesn’t like a good reunion? We were delighted when the Stones finally went back on tour this year and enjoyed the set of dates The Beach Boys were able to put together. In the past, we hoped for Led Zeppelin, crossed our fingers for The Beatles, but today, news of something bigger was announced. Jesse & the Rippers (yes, they’re a real band) are coming together once again.

It was announced Monday that (Uncle) Jesse & the Rippers (who gained their popularity from the hit sitcom Full House) will reunite this Friday for a special performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Back in the ‘90s, John Stamos played Jesse Katsopolis on Full House, the motorcycle-riding, hair-obsessed uncle of Tanner family. Now, Jesse is taking his not-so fictional band on the road to NYC to play their first ever late-night show.

For proof that this band exists, check out Uncle Jesse frolicking around in a bed in the music video for the Rippers’ song “Forever” below.