Listen to Childish Gambino's New Track "Centipede"

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Listen to Childish Gambino's New Track "Centipede"

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Donald Glover’s hip-hop alias Childish Gambino. Two years have passed since his last full length Camp and it’s been a year since his last mixtape Royalty, which at least feels like a long time for this prolific actor/rapper.

However with Glover’s recent announcement that he’d be cutting back on his Community appearances next season, one could naturally have expected that we’d hear more rumblings from Childish Gambino. Yesterday Gambino released a brand new track “Centipede” for free download on his Soundcloud.

Much like Gambino’s previous work, “Centipede” delves deep into Glover’s pysche while still boasting some lyrical somersaults and booming one-liners.

With news of Donald Glover’s recent TV semi-departure still fresh, Dan Harmon recently commented on losing one of his star players upon his return to Community.

“It’s devastating. It’s heart-wrenching” Harmon told TV Line. “He has my absolute, full support doing whatever he wants to do, he is one of the most intimidatingly talented people I have ever had the pleasure of writing words for.”

Donald Glover is set to appear on the first five episodes of Community’s new season before disappearing, presumably to get Childish on everyone once again. You can download and stream the new track over at Childish Gambino’s Soundcloud.