Jay-Z Debuts Magna Carta Holy Grail Artwork Next To The Real Magna Carta

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Jay-Z Debuts <i>Magna Carta Holy Grail</i> Artwork Next To The Real Magna Carta

Jay-Z  presented the official album artwork for Magna Carta Holy Grail in a way that only Jay-Z could pull off. He put it on display right next to the real Magna Carta at the Salisbury Cathedral in the U.K. (now if he could only get his hands on the holy grail…).

The new artwork is different than the minimal album cover that was floating around the internet this past week. A copy of the cover will stay on display in the Salisbury Cathedral next to the one of the remaining copies of the original English charter during the entire month of July.

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be available to one million Samsung Galaxy users on the fourth of July (Hova Bless America!), and it will be available to everyone else on July 9th. Check out the official artwork to the right, and see an image of the cover on display next to the charter that began the historical trend of constitutional law below.


(via Life and Times)