Man Gets Headphones Implanted in Ears

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Man Gets Headphones Implanted in Ears

The technological progression of music-listening devices has always been popular—from Walkmans to iPods, we’ve always been interested in the latest and greatest in portable tunes. And of course, we all thought headphones were pretty great, but why not take it further with permanent headphones? You know, like implanted in your ears?

Meet Rich Lee. Through a procedure carried out by a “body modification master,” Lee has had tiny magnets implanted in his ears that, by connecting his music player to a wire coil around his neck, he can listen to music without actual earbuds, the Guardian reports.

Lee, from St. George, Utah, is a “grinder”—a growing subculture of a few hundred that have interest in augmenting their bodies with technology. Alongside his “headphones,” the 34-year-old salesman plans on hooking up his latest device to an ultrasonic rangefinder to achieve echolocation. Oh, and he wouldn’t mind superhuman strength or X-ray vision, either.

“If I see a way to eliminate the need for sleep I will never sleep again,” he told the Guardian. “If I can have X-ray vision through some cybernetic technology I will have it, even if it requires an ocular prosthetic that leaves me looking like a monster. If I discover a gene therapy that will give me super strength, I will augment my very DNA to do so.”

Today, people around the globe have had their bodies enhanced via standard medical procedures—artificial hearts, pacemakers, breast implants—but even so, ideas like X-ray vision may seem like a stretch. However, Lee says he refuses to be “caged by my DNA.” You can watch Lee explain his procedure above.

This could get interesting.