Mitch Hurwitz Says Arrested Development Movie is "Definitely The Next Step"

TV News Mitch Hurwitz
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Mitch Hurwitz Says <i>Arrested Development</i> Movie is "Definitely The Next Step"

Ever since the new season of Arrested Development made its premiere on Netflix last May, many have wondered what’s next for the Bluth family. With talks of a new season trickling in just as much as whispers of a long-rumored movie, it seems like every week holds a conflicting story. But in a recent interview with BBC News, the show’s creator Mitch Hurwitz claimed that an Arrested Development movie was “definitely the next step.”

When asked about the future of the series, Hurwitz said the series “was designed with a movie in mind” and remarked that his team has already planned a “very funny way to wrap up a lot of the elements in the story.” While Hurwitz has expressed interest in working with Netflix again, he also wants to see the film get a cinema release. “Ideally we’d do both—whether it’s a cinema release first and then it goes to Netflix or some kind of simulcast.”