NBC's Heroes to Return as a Comic

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Those of you who have been tearing your hair out wondering what ever happened to Hiro and co. from NBC’s Heroes are in for a pleasant surprise: Dynamite Entertainment is bringing us season five—at least in comic-book form.

Many fans were disappointed when the show was canceled back in 2010 and ended with a dissatisfying finale. NBC had debated bringing the series back to television for a brief final season to wrap things up, but in the end low ratings and high production costs caused the network to cancel the show altogether.

The new series is set to pick up where season four left off and will be written by Cullen Bunn, who has worked with both both Marvel and DC and is currently working on his independent series The Sixth Gun at Oni Press.

“To me, this is picking up the story and taking it from where it left off,” Bunn told Comic Book Resources. “But there is a big curveball right from issue #1 of the comic. That will set a lot of what we’ve seen in the series on its ear. It’ll change a lot, but this is essentially the continuation of the TV series.”

Rather than an overarching storyline, the new Heroes will be more of an anthology series. But don’t worry, you will get to see all of your favorite characters again. “This is an ensemble cast, but each issue will probably focus on one or two characters more than the others. It’ll have a rotating feel,” Bunn said.

No one has been tapped to create the comic’s art as of yet and Dynamite hasn’t revealed a release date, but you can start getting excited now.

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