Neil Gaiman Working on "Light Hearted," "Goofy" Ghost Videogame

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Neil Gaiman Working on "Light Hearted," "Goofy" Ghost Videogame

Best-selling author Neil Gaiman will finally put his dark, visionary talents in the hands of gamers around the world.

According the Mashable, Gaiman, the author behind The Sandman comic series and novels like Coraline and The Graveyard Book, is teaming up with independent game studio The Odd Gentlemen and game publisher Moonshark to launch his first-ever videogame later this year.

Titled Wayward Manor, the game will center around a ghost who is haunting a house for the good part of a century; however, it doesn’t feature the scary plotline that most might expect from the 52-year-old icon. Gamers will play from the point of view of a ghost who just wants to be left in peace at his old home, so the goal of the game is to scare away the continuous stream of people who keep moving in.

“It’s light hearted, its goofy, it’s nice to flip points of view,” said Gaiman. “I was playing around with an idea essentially about a man and a house over a period of 200 years, thinking how much more fun it would be if the story of this relationship was actually something you could get involved in.”

Though Gaiman was tight-lipped with most of the plot’s details, he did give up one small clue.

“I don’t want to give anything away but it’s safe to say you were killed in the 1880s and you were killed for a reason,” he said.

Wayward Manor is expected to be released this fall and will be available on PC, Mac and tablets.