The Black Keys Sponsor Ohio Little League Team

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A little league team in West Akron, Ohio just landed the coolest endorsement of its very little career: one from the Black Keys.

The bid makes sense, as both drummer Pat Carney and singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach were part of the West Akron Baseball League when they were kids. Carney also grew up with Coach Steve Milkovich, who initially reached out to his old friend to see if the rock duo would want to sponsor the team.

“Absolutely,” Carney reportedly responded before the Keys donated the standard $300 sponsor’s fee.

Saying that “they did a good thing for us,” WABL president Mike Dies commented on the striking amount of press coverage the league began receiving, even though the season ended last Saturday.

“The first was TMZ. They called me last week, and then it kind of took its own route,” Dies said. “The Huffington Post called, the local news channels have called…It’s been a crazy last seven days. It’s been fun, and it’s great publicity for our league.”

The players’ orange jerseys now bear “THE BLACK KEYS” on the back. In more news that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, according to TMZ, the Keys asked players to send them their jerseys through the mail so the pair could personally autograph them. Awwww.

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