Unofficial Photos of "iPhone 5C" Packaging Surface

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A photo of some new Apple packaging posted on Chinese website WeiPhone revealed the name of what looks like Apple’s next product: the iPhone 5C.

Though there is no confirmation of what the “C” stands for (or if this packaging is actually being used), but it could stand for “color,” seeing as there has been speculation that the next generation of iPhones will come in multiple colors. The packaging also has a clear front, which could conceivably be for displaying the color options to shoppers.

Another rumor circulating about the next generation of iPhones is that there will be a lower-priced edition of the iPhone 5 released, which would be made of plastic. The packaging in the photo is also made of plastic, as opposed to Apple’s usual packaging, which is mostly composed of high-quality paper.

Though there is still no official statement or release date from Apple, the general consensus of speculation is that Apple will release these new iPhones sometime this fall. View the photo here.

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