Broken Social Scene Performs Previously Unreleased Song "Where's Your Heart, Where's Your Mind?"

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You know, Broken Social Scene keeps saying “hiatus,” but it seems that the band might be a little reluctant to cut the cord after all. Not that we’re complaining; As long as the band members remain tied to their BSS roots, we’ll (hopefully) keep getting new tunes.

The Canadian outfit performed the unreleased song “Where’s Your Heart, Where’s Your Mind?” at Hollywood’s Bronson Island, a recording studio and web show created by That ‘70s Show’s Danny Masterson and director Jimmy Collins. Last month, the band reformed on-stage for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, playing “7/4 Shoreline” and “Almost Crimes.” They also staged a one-night reunion at the Field Trip Festival in June.

Watch Broken Social Scene jam out to the fast-tempoed track above, and keep on hoping for that reunion tour.

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