Watch Kanye West's Official, Interactive Video for "Black Skinhead"

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Watch Kanye West's Official, Interactive Video for "Black Skinhead"

Remember that leaked, unfinished version of “Black Skinhead” that surfaced online earlier this month, a move that Kanye West called “heartbreaking” on Twitter? Well, the official interactive version that the rapper claimed to be “loosing sleep over” debuted late last night on West’s website, and it’s pretty much the exact same thing.

The video was directed by experimental British photographer Nick Knight, who has previously worked with Björk and Lady GaGa, and it features the same animated, ripped West that we saw hopping around in the leaked video. The main difference in the new version is two, new interactive elements, which allow you to control the speed of video as well as take screenshots.

Like the song — and all of Yeezus for that matter — the video is both extremely dark and aggressive, and we are warning you: slowing down the video may cause reoccurring nightmares of attacking dogs and hellish, black-hooded figures.

In related news, Yeezy recently made the claim on Twitter that his second verse in “New Slaves” is the greatest rap verse “OF ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP MUSIC, PERIOD.” Though he said that he opened the floor for debate, something tells me he’s not likely to change his mind.

Watch the “Black Skinhead” video here.