Watch the Video for Dan Deacon's "USA" Suite

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Watch the Video for Dan Deacon's "USA" Suite

Just days ago Dan Deacon released a new track “”Why Am I on This Cloud? as part of the Adult Swim Singles series. Now the electronic musician is revisiting some of his older tunes with the debut of a 22-minute video for the expansive four-part suite, “USA,” from 2012’s America.

Deacon teamed up with director/editor Dave Hughes (Off The Air) to create a unique visual excursion through warped images of American landscapes. The pictures of mountains, oceans, forests, deserts and cities from the psychedelic trip were culled from artists across the globe, according to Adult Swim.

Take a look at the video for “USA” above—an aptly named song for tomorrow’s holiday—and imagine how this suite would possibly soundtrack the coolest, weirdest fireworks show ever.