X-Men: Days of Future Past Launches Viral Campaign for Sentinel-Producing Trask Industries

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Although X-Men: Days of Future Past is still a year away from release, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start getting excited for it. The folks in charge of the film are most definitely making sure of that fact, as they’ve recently launched a full website for Trask Industries, the company responsible for making the mutant-hunting Sentinel machines. Along with some sweet images of these towering robots, we’ve also got the first official stills of Peter Dinklage playing the creator of these robotic baddies, Bolivar Trask.

Trask’s website celebrates 50 long years of the Sentinel program and promotes the robots’ practicality in terms of protecting the American people. Sentinels are shown alongside riot police, looming over president Reagan as a member of his security attache, and playing bodyguard for densely populated cities like New York.

The website delves deeply into the goals of Trask Industries, touching upon their planned extermination of the X-Gene and giving specs on the Sentinels. The website, like many of viral campaigns, outlines the origins of Trask Industries and Bolivar Trask’s vision for a world free of the “mutant threat.” Most importantly, it shows Peter Dinklage rocking some mean ‘70s hair.

Check out Trask’s advertisement for the Sentinels below.

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