Apple Reportedly in Talks With Cable Networks for TV Service

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Apple Reportedly in Talks With Cable Networks for TV Service

In its apparent quest to conquer all things electronic, it looks like Apple is eyeing your television set.

According to Quartz, Apple is reportedly negotiating with three major cable networks to bring their programming to Apple’s own paid (but still rumored) cable television service. The idea is that Apple would be providing your favorite shows from these networks for a fee, much like a cable company, except that such a service would be provided via the Internet instead of a cable box.

HBO, ESPN and Viacom have been named as the three networks currently involved in negotiations with Apple over programming. Of the three networks ESPN was the only one to give any sort of confirmation to Quartz that a discussion between the network and Apple even took place. ESPN spokesperson Chris LaPlaca, however did note that the discussions were only “exploratory” and that they weren’t “formal” yet .

In addition to these negotiations, Apple’s plans for a television set also seem to still be in an exploratory phase. Though the idea was first brought up by the late founder, Steve Jobs, Cnet notes that even now Apple still hasn’t even mentioned that it is even working on a television right now, though predictions on its features have been around for a while.