Arcade Fire's New Album Rumored to be Titled Reflektor

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Last month Arcade Fire Tweeted (to a random fan, no less) the exciting news that their new album will be released on Oct. 29, and the band later revealed a string of 2014 tour dates. Now, word on the street is the title of their fourth studio album will be Reflektor.

The rumors are based on mysterious sets of street art that’s been cropping up in various cities. The drawings feature a circle-enclosed diamond with the word “Reflektor” written inside. The graffiti is being documented on an Instagram account called Reflektor, and a video of an artist drawing the logo can be seen at

Even more cryptically, a clip of the street art—as well as music suspiciously reminiscent of Arcade Fire—was also played before a few Lollapalooza sets this weekend. Arcade Fire has not confirmed the rumors, but stay tuned for official word. And be sure to troll Twitter—maybe they’ll reveal the news by tweeting it at another random fan.

(Via: Consequence of Sound)

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