CBS to Air Steven Spielberg's Extant Drama Next Summer

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CBS to Air Steven Spielberg's <i>Extant</i> Drama Next Summer

After the success of this year’s television adaptation of Stephen King’s Under The Dome, it appears that CBS has come to the realization that Steven Spielberg might know a thing or two about sci-fi dramas. Deadline announced on Wednesday that another Spielberg produced series will make its way to CBS’ lineup as Extant just landed a 13-episode run for summer of 2014.

Extant is claimed to be a “unique television event” much like Under The Dome was billed as before it was renewed for a second season. However, with Under The Dome returning next summer, CBS may be lining up for a Spielberg night.

Extant centers around a female astronaut as she attempts to reconnect with her family after returning from a year in outer space. However, “her experiences lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.” While the outline of the plot is rather vague at this point, Nina Tessler—president of CBS—states that “Extant is a very original concept with layers of humanity, mystery and surprise that reveal itself throughout the script.”

Extant is penned by new writer Mickey Fisher. Steven Spielberg will serve as executive producer alongside the showrunner Greg Walker and Fisher.