David Gordon Green Talks Possibility of Film About Richard Pryor's Lost Highway Role

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David Gordon Green Talks Possibility of Film About Richard Pryor's <i>Lost Highway</i> Role

These days, a pretty decent question to ask is: What is David Gordon Green up to? You know, besides the soon-to-be-released dark comedy Prince Avalanche, the upcoming Nicolas Cage-starring Joe, the ever-lingering-currently-stagnant Suspiria remake and re-teaming with David Wingo and Explosions in the Sky on the Al Pacino flick Manglehorn, Green seems to be a busy guy.

Really, just take a look at the interesting nuggets he dropped during his “Week in Pop Culture Consumption” with Vulture.

During the recap, Green leaked a few hints about a few other ideas he’s working on. “I’m developing a new film based on the old Laura Ingalls Wilder books,” he revealed while reading Little House in the Big Woods. He also watched ParaNorman because he’s “doing some new Mr. Peanut commercials with Planters, and we’re working with Laika, who does the brilliant stop-motion work in this movie.”

Green also discussed another intriguing prospect while listening to No Pryor Restraint: Life in Concert—a movie based on Richard Pryor’s experience while working on Lost Highway. “Pryor is my favorite actor of all time. I’m thinking maybe I should make a movie just about Richard Pryor when he was shooting David Lynch’s Lost Highway,” he mused. During that time, Pryor was battling MS. In the film, he played Arnie, the wheelchair-bound boss of an auto shop.

Green latest film, Prince Avalanche, will be released Aug. 9.