Death Cab for Cutie to Release Anniversary Edition of Transatlanticism

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Death Cab for Cutie to Release Anniversary Edition of <i>Transatlanticism</i>

Death Cab for Cutie’s breakout Transatlanticism will turn 10 this October. To commemorate this milestone, Barsuk Records plans to re-release an anniversary edition of the album on Oct. 29. The album has been out of print for several years, but the anniversary editions will be available both digitally and on vinyl.

The anniversary editions will also include several demo tracks. Those who buy the anniversary record will receive codes to download the demos whereas those who already own the record can purchase a digital album of demos online.

Listen to the demo of “Lightness” below.

Check out the tracklist below.

1. “The New Year”
2. “Lightness”
3. “Title and Registration”
4. “Expo ’86?
5. “The Sound of Settling”
6. “Tiny Vessels”
7. “Transatlanticism”
8. “Passenger Seat”
9. “Death of An Interior Decorator”
10. “We Looked Like Giants”
11. “A Lack of Color”

Bonus Materials:
12. “The New Year (Demo)”
13. “Lightness (Demo)”
14. “Title and Registration (Demo)”
15. “Expo ’86 (Demo)”
16. “The Sound of Settling (Demo)”
17. “Tiny Vessels (Demo)”
18. “Transatlanticism (Demo)”
19. “Passenger Seat (Demo)”
20. “Death of An Interior Decorator (Demo)”
21. “We Looked Like Giants (Demo)”
22. “A Lack of Color (Demo)”